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A mixed month with most rain in north and west, better later Latest indications are that May will be a rather mixed month. It may start cool overall. Tending to become more settled later in the month, mostly across more southern areas, it may become warm too. Always the threat of some rain further north and west. *27/4/19 - 4/5/19* Trough settled over UK. Mixed to unsettled conditions. Rain and showers. Average temperatures. *5/5/19 - 11/5/19* Trough remains. Mixed conditions. Most rain in north and west. Rain tending to be showery in east. Cool temperatures. *12/5/19 - 18/5/19* Mixed to unsettled through the week. Most rain to the north and west. Temperatures milder than average. *19/5/19 - 25/5/19* Increased pressure to the south. Generally fair southern parts of UK, sunny spells and warm. Risk of rain in Scotland and the north and west of Ireland at times. **ends** Simon Keeling Email me at simon.k [email protected]
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