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Chilly overall, mixed with risk of rain, sleet and snow, milder later Indications are that April is going to be dominated by higher pressure overall. This is likely to be bringing dry weather over many areas, but some rain to the north. Indications of a more unsettled end to the month, perhaps windy as well. *31/3/19 - 6/4/19* Ridge of high pressure to the south, mainly fair here. Risk of rain at times in Scotland. Windy Scotland. *7/4/19 - 13/4/19* Weak ridge of higher pressure build again. Dry for most, sunny spells. Always a risk of some rain in western and northern Scotland though. *14/4/19 - 20/4/19* Higher pressure may hold with sunny spells and fair conditions. Mild for all. Mostly dry. *21/4/19 - 30/4/19* A moe unsettled end to the month. Chilly, wet and windy. Most rain to north. **ends** Simon Keeling Email me at [email protected]
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