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 Tuesday Mostly dry and fair for Iberia - the best of the sunshine for Portugal and western Spain. Cloudier to the east with isolated showers to the southeast of Spain. A fair day for Italy too with good spells of sunshine, scattered showers to the far north. A mostly dry and sunny day for Greece and Turkey though there could be occasional showers to the far south. Chilly but mostly bright with scattered showers for France, the Low Countries, Germany and Poland. Breezy to the north. Isolated showers for Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic but mostly dry and fair here. A dry and fine day for Slovakia and Hungary after early rain clears to the east. A breezy day with frequent showers and outbreaks of rain for Denmark. Breezy too for the Baltic States with scattered showers. Isolated showers affect southern parts of Sweden and Finland though it is a mostly dry and fine day here. Dry and fine for eastern parts of Norway too while western areas see frequent outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow.
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