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 Fine and warm west, thundery and colder east Tuesday A warm, mostly dry and bright day for Portugal, Spain and the Balearic Islands. Early showers clearing from Corsica and Sardinia to leave a warm and fine day here. Heavy showers affecting southern Italy but these clearing to the south through the afternoon. Heavy rain, with some thundery bursts, affecting much of Greece on Tuesday while isolated thundery showers will flare up over southern coastal regions of Turkey. A dry and fine day for much of western Europe on Tuesday. Variable amounts of cloud mixed with good sunny spells for France, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A band of showery rain will move southeastward across Poland through the day. Variable amounts of cloudy and some good sunny spells for Denmark and southern portions of Norway and Sweden. Scattered showers affecting northern regions of Scandinavia. An area of low pressure brings outbreaks of rain and fr esh winds to southeastern Sweden, southern Finland and the Baltic States.
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