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Drier for many but then mixed again later Higher pressure showing its hand this month bringing some drier weather. Western areas looks best set for sunshine with the east cloudy at times. A tendency towards cooler weather. Turning more mixed after mid-May. *22/4/24 - 29/4/24* High pressur north and west. Low pressure to east. Some showers in southeastern areas. Drier west and feeling cool. *29/4/24 - 6/5/24* High pressur remains north and west. Drier overall, sunny spells and warmer. Always risk of some showers in south and southeast, cooler. *6/5/24 - 13/5/24* The high retreats further west, low stays east. Staying drier in west. Colder more showers for many central and eastern areas. *13/5/24 -20/5/24* More mixed, risk showers and rain. Most in north and west. Average temperatures. *21/5/24 - 28/5/24* Staying mixed, especially west. May be drier east. < br>Warmer east too. **ends** Simon Keeling Email me at [email protected]
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