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 An unsettled spell of weather continues across central Europe; dry & sunny for Iberia Monday Warm and sunny for Portugal, Spain and the Balearics on Monday. A few showers developing along the north coast of Spain through the afternoon. Thundery outbreaks of rain continuing for Corsica, Sardinia and Italy, spreading into Greece too. Dry, hot and sunny in Turkey. Showers for central and southeastern France; dry but cloudy at times to the northwest. Cloudy too for the Low Countries with just the odd isolated shower here. A band of rain will edge southeastward across Germany leaving a mixture of sunshine and scattered showers to the northwest. Showers, some of them thundery, spreading into Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. Cloudy with showers for Denmark on Monday while patchy rain and showers will move eastward across the Baltic States. Rain also affecting southeast Norway, southern and central Sweden, and southern Finland later. Brighter to the north with isolat ed showers.
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