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Storms in south to start but warm then unsettled mid-month before better later The rest of June slowly becomes more mixed or unsettled. The dry weather to the start of the month will gradual give way to a westerly wind. This brings fronts from the Atlantic with the most intense of these to the west and north. Southern areas improving for a time and becoming warm, although mixed for all again into early July. *11/6/18 - 16/6/18* Tending to stay mostly dry. Warm in south. The risk of rain in western Scotland and western Ireland later in the week. *17/6/18 - 23/6/18* It may become more unsettled this week. Fronts passing east taking coud and rain with them. most rain in the north and west, but drier to the south. *24/6/18 - 30/6/18* A mixed week for most. Rain at times, mainly in the north and west. Drier south and east and warmer here too. *1/7/18 - 6/7/18* Mixed again, although probably not overly wet. Rain is most likely north a nd west. Tending to be drier in the south. **ends** Simon Keeling Email me at [email protected]
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